JEM Files






Would you like to see a summary of JEM members’ responses to questions regarding jury service?  To view a complete list of the survey results click here.


Authority to Excuse Jurors Day of Trial

Admonishment to Jurors

Bailiffs and Jury Deliberations

Case Law-Misdemeanor Cases

Child Care Issues

Civil Jury Fees Paid

Coffee Available to Jurors

Court Salary Schedule~Jury Position

Custodial Care – In Home Supportive Svcs

Deferral Reminders

Electronic Signature

Emailing Services-Reporting Instruction

Federal Court vs State Court Requirement

Felony Conviction

Fragrance ~ Jury Room

FTA Program

FTA (CCP 209~90 days)

FTA Statistics

GJ Advisor

GJ Complaint Forms ~ different languages

GJ Draw ~ Swearing In

GJ Final Report Distribution

GJ Rejection Letter

Government Furlough Employees

Government Waiver of Pay

Group # Change

Homeland Security

Insufficient English


IVR vs Live Person

Juror Counseling Services

Juror Demographic Information

Juror Parking

Juror Phone Scripts

Juror Questionnaires

Juror Questionnaire Completed

Juror Self check-In

Jurors Collecting Unemployment

Jury Assembly Room~Wish List/Needs

Jury Management – Jurors Reporting

Jury Office Phone #

Jury Pool List

Jury Summons~Outsourcing

Jury System

Labor Code230

Legal Opinion~Serving 12m or longer

Limits on Service Postponements

Master Creation Lists

Medical Students – Postponements

Mileage for Jurors

Multiple Panels

Non Residents~Validity


One Day-One Trail

OSC FTA Calendar

OSC Procedures

Paying Alternate Jurors

Payroll Records~Retention

Payroll Weekly Basis

PC1026.5 Extension of commitment

Peace Officer Disqualification

Peace Officer eligibility Retired

Personal Information~Jurors

Questionnaires-Criminal Cases

Questionnaires ~ Mistrial

Registrar of Voters

Release of Juror Records

Release of Names (Jury Pool)

Reschedule Jurors close to Summons Date


Safe @ Home Program

SB 319 Bill

Smoking-Non Smoking Campus

Summonsing – Jury Pool Exhausted

Summons Jurors

Sworn Juror Labor Code

Sworn Jurors ~ Alternate Jurors

Toll Free # provided to jurors

Voir dire

Jury Assembly Rooms

Juror Lunches

Jurors Living-Working Outside U S

Criminal Grand Jury Pay

Juror Accommodations

Waive Fees

Petty Case Juror Fees

Paying Alternates

Free Juror Parking

Military Excuse

Medical/Mental Excuse

Language Excuse

Juror Transportation

Juror Names

Home School Excuse

Grand Jury Background Checks

Federal Officers

Summons Mail Restriction

Driver’s License Info thru Registrar of Voters

Kiosk Check-In

Medical Excuses – Physician’s Assistant

Statistical Information To Public

Questionnaires - Case

Jury Summons - Shoebox

Return Envelope with Jury Summons

2011 Fee Proposal

Contempt Juror who FTA 2nd time

Jurors Not Returned to JAR

Pay Jurors Ability

Excusing Jurors over the Phone

Students serving as Jurors

Earthquake Drill

Dual Citizenship

Court Seal on Jury Summons

Computers in Jury Assembly Room

Grand Jury Questions

Juror Source Lists

Change of Venue

Child Care Services for Jurors

Honorary Consul

Crim Questionnaire-Panel Size

Juror Orientation

Caregiver Services

Set Specific Date Limits in JSI

Medical Excuse Requirements

Unemployment Benefits for Jurors

Jury List Excludes Names

Non-Residency Proof